“I don’t really know where to start to thank you for yet another ‘Most Amazing Party Ever’!

We loved every minute – it was all such fun, so perfect. You turned our home into a very magical place – the setting, the lighting – all the added extras.

You are brilliant along with the team around you. Can’t wait for the next one!!

Thank you so very, very much again.”

“Carol and I can hardly thank you enough for the simply wonderful job and in all the preparations beforehand. I know I couldn’t have possibly coordinated things myself.

We are starting to receive emails from guests and they are filled with praise for the organisation and the flawless coordination of everything.

Thank you again to the Apollo Team for all of your help, reassurance and guidance on everything during the evening.”

“We were both absolutely delighted with the way the party went and in fact, we struggle to see how it could have gone any better.

We have received countless effusive thank you letters to this effect. It struck exactly the note we wanted – smart, tasteful and stylish.

So we give you 10/10 Tim and extend grateful thanks for delivering a wonderful result and ensuring memories that will sustain us for a very long time to come.”

Nicola & Michael
“What a brilliant party! Thank you Tim for being the best company ever on this epic journey.

The whole family had a blast and so did all our friends. The letters have been hysterical and the wonderful gifts have cleaned me out of writing paper.

The attention to detail was excellent and the behind the scenes work, the things I didn’t have to be worried about, those are the things I am most grateful for.”