Teenage parties are a major source of worry for parents and with summer here and exams at an end the party season is ramping up.

These guidelines come from both personal experience and 25 years working in the party planning industry. We hope that they will help ensure a fun, enjoyable and safe party for both teens and parents that will be remembered for all the right reasons.


1 Guest list. Ask your child for a list of those they want to attend and how they know them. Contact details should also be provided should there be a problem later. Be sensible on the number of guests. Anything over 50 is quite something to handle. Don’t use Facebook to invite guests, it is asking for trouble.

2 Venue. Choose your venue wisely and make sure you only have one entrance / exit point so that you can monitor who is coming in and out. If at all possible, keep partygoers out of your house.

3 Safety and Security. Depending on the scale of the party, professional security is highly recommended. It takes the responsibility and emotion away from the hosts and if there is a problem, they are trained to deal with it. They can be friendly but firm and are there to help with the smooth running of the party. They will check all bags and search for alcohol being brought in.

4 Clear guidelines. Let all attendees be aware that no alcohol will be able to be brought into the party. All bags will be taken off individuals labelled and secured safely until they leave.

5 Wristbands. Provide partygoers with a funky festival style wristband. Each wristband will have a limited number of drink vouchers (if alcohol is available). These can only be cut off by bar staff enabling you to monitor how much guests are drinking.

6 Alcohol. If available, then choose wisely and have a limited selection. Provide plenty of soft drinks, fun ‘mocktails’ cool cans and bottled water.

7 FOOD… Lots of it! Really simple things like pizza, mini fish and chips, mini burgers, bacon sandwiches later on, bowls of sweets to soak up any alcohol. Make sure you feed your kids well before they go out.

8 Accidents happen. Have cleaning equipment at the ready. Don’t turn it into a drama. Lots of water, strong coffee and a call to the parents to come and collect! Have a good first aid kit to hand.

9 Timings. Clearly state the party start and finish times on the invite. Close the bar half an hour before the deadline. DON’T turn up the lights it will just annoy everyone and finish in good time.

10 BE THERE! Have an adult presence at all times. Run the bar, wander around the property, not so much as to cramp their style but just enough that they know you’re there.

If you require any more help or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch. GOOD LUCK!

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